What You Should Know Before Taking Cialis

When it comes to taking ED treatment pills, Viagra is the most common. However, there is another drug that offers better performance with fewer side effects.  Due to its long-acting potential, it is now used by most men.

How it Works

using cialisCialis works by relaxing arteries and smooth muscles inside your penis. Also, it boosts the flow of blood to your penis. When you get aroused, the increased blood flow and relaxation make the penis to be filled with blood. This ensures you get a stiff erection. You should note that Cialis is only useful when you are sexually aroused,

How Quickly Does it Work?

The truth is that Cialis quickly but not like its counterpart Viagra. Usually, it takes about 1 to 2 hours before you notice the effects. On the other hand, Viagra takes about 1 hour to work.

How Long Does It Last?

Although Cialis takes a bit longer to notice the effects, its effects are long-lasting. In fact, they can last up to 36 hours. However, this does not mean you will have an erection for 36 hours. Instead, you can achieve the erection by using this drug anytime you get aroused sexually within 36 hours after taking it. However, if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours, you should seek a medical emergency.

Guidelines for Taking Cialis

Follow Recommended Doses

cialis drugIf you want to use Cialis to treat your erectile dysfunction, you can decide to use it on a daily basis or use it when the need arises. Smaller doses are recommended for daily use and higher doses only when you are about to have sex. You should consult your doctor on the appropriate dosage to take.

Look Out for Interactions

If you are taking some medications and supplements that make the body to get rid of Cialis quickly, you need to consult your doctor. Ideally, you continue using the medications as you want, but you should take them separately.

Know the Side Effects

As noted above a prolonged erection is a medical emergency. Other side effects you should watch out for are headache, heartburn, muscle pain, and flushing. Also, if you use this ED drug on a daily basis, you are likely to experience respiratory infections, such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and acid reflux.

Tips for Choosing a Sex Machine

sex machine

If you aim to get the best sex machine, there are quite many factors you should consider. But before anything, ensure that you know your needs. Hence, this will help you to determine the most important factors you should look into. The entire process can be exciting but can also be intimidating, especially if you do not know the qualities you need to consider. But worry no more; this sex machine guide has highlighted some tips to help you select the best sex-machine.


Before choosing any sex-machine, you need to know the exact type you are looking for. Note that there are two types of sex machines to choose from: male and female sex toys. Therefore, you have to determine which type of device you need before making the big decision. By this, you can be in a position to determine the exact factors are necessary to consider.

Since this is a long term investment, it is essential to select the best type according to your taste and preference. It would be important if you also considered your gender. For instance, it would be important to consider your best area of stimulation before conducting any purchase if you are a woman. With this, you can be able to select the best sex machine to satisfy your needs.

The Operation Mechanism

using sex machineIt is important to note that different sex machines operate differently. Some are automated, and some are manually operated. Mechanical sex gadgets; conduct the whole process by themselves. They are designed with a sensor in them in that all you are only required to do is to set your selected machine according to your desires. But with manual sex gadgets, you are needed to use your hands to conduct the whole process. Therefore, it is recommendable for you to choose the one which you are comfortable to work with.


Similarly, different products in the market vary in sizes, so is to the sex toys. But in most cases, the size of the gadgets is determined by the preferences and taste of the user. However, research has shown that most users prefer selecting small-sized devices since they can easily hide them. Yes, I agree that you need to consider your selected sex machine’s portability. But I still insist that never be afraid to choose the best sex toy with your desired size.


Sex toys tend to have different price ranges. But first, it is essential to know what you need from your sex toy. It is important to know this because other sex toys perform differently. Since you already know what you want, it is advisable to take your time to visit the stores near you and compare their prices. But, ensure your selected toy is pocket friendly.

How to Choose the Best Sex Lubricants


Sex is sweeter when wet is the rule of the game. Although sex wetness should come naturally after the right amount of foreplay, there are situations where the use of sex lubricants becomes very necessary. It is during such situations where people would want to have a clear guide on sex lubrication. If you are out to find the best sex lubricant for your sex, then it is essential to ensure that you choose the best. Some of the lubricants that you see out there may not be the best for you. Here are some of the important things that you should keep in mind when you are out looking for the best lubricant.

making loveThe Type

Many people find it hard to decide on the best type that they should buy. This is because there are numerous types of lubricants out there, and if you are not sure about which one to choose, there are chances that you will end up making the wrong choice. The first step to ensure that you do not make the wrong choice is familiarizing yourself with all the types of lubricants that are available. Some of these lubes include silicone-based, water-based, oil base, and the hybrid, which combines all of those that have been mentioned

If it is your first time trying a sex lubricant, then it is a good idea that you opt for water-based. The reason why the water-based lubricant is considered the best is that it is safe and can be used for all your sex needs. Whether masturbation, penetrative sex, or toy play, one thing that you can be sure about is that a water-based lubricant will not disappoint. The only precaution that you will need to take is to avoid using them in a shower as they are likely to be washed away.

Artificial Flavors

Most people love lubricants that have artificial flavors such as sugar, smell, and other additives. Well, if you really care about your safety during and after sex, then you should avoid sex lubricants with any kind of flavors.  This is because the body sometimes tend to react with these flavors, and the result may not be very nice. Still, on the issues to do with additives, you need to also pay close attention to the acidity level of the product that you buy. Ideally, the best sex lubricant should have acidity levels similar to that of a healthy vagina—a healthy vagina as an acidity level around pH 3.8 to 4.5 to keep bacterial vaginosis at bay.

Best Sex Gifts for Your Partner

sex gifts

There are different toes of sex themed-gifts that you can buy for your lover. Picking the best gift can be a daunting task, especially for first-time buyers. You should look for a sex gift that makes your partner happy and improve your bonding. The best orgasmic gifts that you should consider buying for your lover:


Leather Flogger and Swoonkink Cashmere

The current market is flooded with various types of floggers. Swoonkink flogger is a unique product that is made from upcycled cashmere and leather. This is what makes this flogger one-of-a-kind. Cashmere is luxurious and soft, while leather provides a fun, satisfying bite. It is, therefore, one of the beautiful pieces or gifts that you can buy for your lover.happy couple

Personal Lubricant Dispensing and Warming System

This is meant for providing the lubrication needed during intimacy. It has an automated system that dispenses the amount of lubricant required. In addition to this, it has a streamlined design that makes it very popular among couples. Some people refer to it as Lube Stargate.

Twisted monk, Sweets Gift Box

The Twist Monk Company is known for making the best ropes in the business. Their holiday gift kit works for both kink aficionados and the bondage-curios people. This kit comes with an instructional DVD, vegan chocolates, a greeting card, a red or blue colored bamboo rope, all of which are nicely tied up with a sturdy bow.

Kink Agent Noir Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

This is another popular and fantastic gift for lovers. It is fully equipped with everything that couples need to explore the world of sexy play. For instance, it comes with an array of accessories and a Neon wand that delivers a wide range of pleasurable zaps. It works by providing electric stimulation.


Clone a Clone-a Pussy (and a Cline-a-Willy) kits are some of the most popular orgasmic gifts. This kit is available in different colors that you can choose from. It is well designed to give the user plenty of ways to put his vulva or duck in a box. Lovers can wrap up this kit and tackle their projects together.

Sliquid Naturals Personal Lubricant

This gift is a water-based lubricant that everyone should include in hos sex shopping list. This lube is safe for use since it is made from a blend s pure, natural seaweed extracts. This lubricant is sensuous, long-lasting, slick, and excellent for one’s skin.

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction can be an embarrassing condition. It affects our self-esteem and our social life. Depending on the cause of the condition, it is possible to treat erectile dysfunction by adjusting our lifestyle. Making some changes in our diet and lifestyle can help in curing the condition.

If you have been experiencing erectile dysfunction, it is time to make some lifestyle adjustments that will help you to manage the condition.


Adopt a Healthy Diet

Your diet hurts your sexual health. You need to make sure that you adapt for good sexual health. According to research, foods that affect the health of your heart also affect your sexual health. For instance, it is advisable to avoid foods that are high in cholesterol.

Eliminating fatty foods and replacing them with fruits and vegetables can improve your sexual health. You also need to consider avoiding highly processed foods and replace them with whole foods. Adopting a healthy diet can improve erectile dysfunction.


Exercise for Healthy Weight

Exercising for healthy weight is an excellent way to manage erectile dysfunction. Obesity and erectile go hand in hand. Majority of the men who are overweight are likely to experience sexual health problems at some point.

An excellent way to treat the condition is working out for a healthy weight. Obesity tends to cause nerve damage and in some cases the nerves supplying blood to the penis. In case the nerves supplying blood to the penis are damaged, erectile dysfunction is inevitable.

Manage Your Stress Levels

Sometimes stress can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Learning your manage stress levels can prevent erectile dysfunction. Your mind has to be in the right frame of mind so that you can get an erection.

There are various ways of managing stress like meditation. Meditation sessions and yoga can help you to learn how to prevent stress.

man doing yoga

Check Your Testosterones Level

It is advisable to check your level of testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone that is responsible for mood, stamina, and erection. If your level of testosterone is low, there are chances that you will experience erectile dysfunction.

Low testosterone is caused by age and even diet. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your testosterone by taking medication.

Tips for choosing best anal cream

lady with back tattoo

The anal can become darker than other body parts because of various reasons. This includes excessive sweating, poor diet, and increased amount of melanin or even wearing tight clothes all the time. Most individuals have come to dislike a dark anus and hence have resorted to bleaching techniques which will help the anal to become lighter. The anal can be lightened by lightening products, spa treatment, salon services or even undergoing surgery. The most common method is the use of bleaching products since it can be done from the comfort of your home. However purchasing the right products can be tricky because the creams are many in the market. In this article, we take you through the factors you should consider when you want to select the best anal bleach cream.

Determine the ingredients

In most cases when we buy products we tend to check the ingredients of the product. Thegirl's sexy butt same situation should apply when you are looking for an anal bleach cream. You should purchase the anal bleach creams that contain natural ingredients. This is because the anus is very sensitive and therefore requires the use of products that are safe and mild. On the other hand, you should keep off creams that have hydroquinone because this ingredient has a lot of effects on your body.

Effectiveness of the cream

For you to be in a position to determine whether the cream will be effective, you should look at the ingredients of the cream. On the other hand, you can check on the reviews of previous and see their comments and determine whether the product worked for them or not. Reviews give first-hand feedback about a given product.

Reputation of the manufacturer

girl's buttYou can also determine whether a given product is right by looking at the manufacturer. You should get the reputation of the manufacturer by asking what other customers who have used the same product could say about them. Know if the manufacturer is associated with a good quality product or not. You can get all this information by visiting the manufacturer’s website on the internet.

Determine the price

As you go looking for the best anal cream, try comparing prices of different creams. After narrowing those to like three then you can use their price to choose the one that could suit you. Get cream that can be purchased at a reasonable price. Similarly, you should consider a cream that has prices that will fit into your budget. Do not use a whole amount of money buying anal bleaching creams whereas you are not sure whether the cream will work.

Finding and Purchasing Your Favorite Sex Toy

different types of sex toys

Buying sex toys has become the simplest way to increase bedroom romance. Gone are the days when people were shy to express to their partners how they wanted to feel and treated in the bedroom. To some people buying sex toys can still feel awkward which should not be the case in this generation. If you’re going to buy a sex toy, there are some things that you need to consider, but the person to consider is your partner

It is not wise to rush out and purchase a sex toy if you have not talked about it with your better half. And this is because some will feel offended or may not be ready to have any sex gadget in the bedroom. If you agree with your partner to buy a sex toy, then here is some guidance on how to go about finding the most satisfying.sexcurves


Google has become the simplest way to collect information, and if you want to understand more about sex toys, then you should google adult sites. There many adult websites available for you to start your research, what makes the internet even better is the fact that after comparing different websites, you can order for your favorite toy and have it delivered to your place. Thanks to technology, now even shy couples can request for a toy online and get them sent to them.

Read Reviews

Many people are not aware or rather do not understand the benefits of reading reviews. Reading reviews is a way for you to filter the information you get online, this is especially important when ordering for a sex toy and paying using your credit card. There are many scam sites available all over the internet, and if you do not take your time and read reviews, you will fall a victim of them. Reading reviews is also a way for you to compare the different love toys available in the market.sex toys

Understand Sex Toys

Knowing what you want to achieve from buying a sex toy is essential. Some people may buy a sex toy because of curiosity, while others take their time and study different toys before deciding to purchase the one that they need. Whenever you are buying a sex toy, it is essential that you consider the usual things that you consider when purchasing other items, some of these considerations to make including the brand, durability and even the usability.

The health advantages of having sex

naked girl and another girl with red nail collors

Sex is a controversial topic in most societies. The talk of sex is restricted to adults who are over the age of 18 years because they can take the consequences that come as a result. Sex not only makes the people feel good. It has lots of benefits which can enhance your life. Visit www.audiosexstories.net for great sex stories. This write-up explores some of the benefits of having sex;

Health benefits

Boosts the immune system

girl's butt

Sex helps in boosting the immune system. Individuals who are sexually active rarely get sick. People who have sex on a regular basis defend their bodies against viruses, germs, and other intruders that cause diseases. In research that was conducted in an international university, it was found that students who had sex regularly had higher levels of antibodies in their system as compared to those that occasionally had sexual intercourse. Other than having sex, it is also important to incorporate other essential elements if you want to boost your immune system. This includes eating right, getting enough sleep, using a condom when having sex with multiple partners and keeping up with all the vaccinations.

Boosting libido

Having sex on a regular basis will help in increasing your libido. As they always say, sex is an art, the more you have sex, the better you become. Having sex regularly will, therefore, improve your lovemaking skills but also enhance your libido. For women, having sex on a regular basis will increase the lubrication of the vagina, increase the blood flow, and also increase the elasticity of the vagina. This will make a woman feel good and therefore crave for sex.

Bladder control

Many women have a problem when it comes to controlling their bladder. Having a strong pelvic floor is critical in preventing a condition called incontinence; this is a condition in which the women fail to control their balder. This condition is said to affect about 35% of women. Having sex at regular intervals is a great exercise for the pelvic floor muscles. Whenever you reach an orgasm as a woman, the resulting contractions will help in strengthening the pelvic floor.

Lowering the blood pressure

naked woman in shadow

Having sex at regular intervals will help in reducing the blood pressure. Sexual intercourse has been found to be one of the factors that contribute to lowering the systolic blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure is the first number that usually appears on the blood pressure test. If you want to lower it, then have lots of sex. Because of the sexually transmitted infections, it is highly recommended to either use a condom or be faithful to one partner.



Why you should experience tantric massage

Tantra massage is one of the best ventures that you can ever think of if you want to explore the hidden pleasures properly. It gives you total body and mid relation that you have never experienced before as far as massage is concerned. If you have never tried it before, then you are missing a lot.

Emotional healing

blond girl lyingOne of the major focus of the tantric massage is to ensure that your emotions are well catered for. So as you prepare to get the heightened pleasure that comes from this type of massage, your body will be healing some of the emotional breakdowns that you might have undergone during the day. You also need to take note of the fact that tantric massage can improve your self-esteem tremendously and therefore enables you to provide maximum satisfaction when it comes to matters between the sheets.

Relax your body

There is nothing more satisfying like when you get total body satisfaction after a long tiresome day. It gives you a reason why you need to face tomorrow. Tantric massage makes every part of your body for relaxing and getting ready to receive the pleasure associated with the entire process. If you have aching shoulders or any part of the body in that matter, then you need to make sure that you check out for quality tantric massage.


We all love to experience pleasure. The problem comes when identifying perfect sources of pleasure. So if you do not know the perfect source of pleasure, then you better give tantric massage a try. This one will give you not only the value of your money but also the reason to smile and keep going back for the same services.

Good health

Different massage is associated with different health benefits. Tantric massage is no exception as it is also linked with several health benefits. Some of them include ensuring proper blood circulation in the body and also enhancing your physical appearance.


massaging the palmIf you are having stress and you wondering what to do to get rid of it, then you can try tantric massage. The fact that this kind of massage makes your body for relaxing is itself enough to prove to you that it can help you to properly deal with stress. You need to understand that it focuses on the sexual, emotional, sexual and spiritual health at once making it easy for you to deal with stress properly.

Benefits Of Hiring An Escort

sexy girl lying on bed


Hiring escorts is becoming more common, especially among the wealthy businessmen. The service entails getting a lady to give you company in whichever way you desire. You obviously have to pay for the services that you receive. There are many benefits which you stand to gain by hiring an escort. Some of the top advantages are discussed below.


Advantages of hiring escort services

Good company

One of the main reasons as to why people hire escorts is to enjoy their company. This is more of the case for those who go on business trips. The trip can be quite boring, especially if you are going to a town or city where you have no friends. The escort will treat you as a friend and ensure your stay in the city is pleasant. The escorts know exactly what to do to keep you entertained the entire time that you are with them.

Maintain appearances

It is quite important for some businessmen never to be seen alone. Having a beautiful lady as you company can help you make the impressions that you desire. You can get such a lady from the escort services if you do not have a woman to accompany you. The escort will behave exactly the way you instruct her to, including how to dress.

Sexual favors

topless couple on bedSome particular escorts can give sexual favors to their clients depending on what they agree on. IF you wish to get some sexual favors without having to go through the entire process of courting and impressing a girl, you can simply hire an escort service. A good escort will ensure that you get satisfaction with her services. It also comes as an opportunity to fulfill all your sexual desires and fantasies. You simply have to communicate to her what you need, agree with her, and join them in the fantasy world that you create.

No commitments

Among the main benefits that you get to enjoy when it comes to hiring an escort is that there are no relationship ties involved. You will enjoy all the services offered only for the duration of the agreement, and afterward, you can go your own way without ever having to worry about her again. This comes in handy if you wish to have something short-term that will not affect your lifestyle. You will not have to deal with all the stress that comes with relationships.

Top Benefits Of Sex Toys

sex toy


Using sex toys comes with a variety of benefits. This is true irrespective of whether you are single or in a committed relationship. There are many different types of toys available in the market. You simply need to choose one that appeals to your desires and reap all the benefits from it. Some of the top benefits are highlighted below.


Benefits of using sex toys

You get to enjoy sexual pleasure

One of the main reasons as to why people buy and use sex toys is to enjoy the pleasure that it gives. It allows you to have a great sexual experience irrespective of whether you have a sexual partner. There are individuals who claim that you can get more pleasure from a toy compared to having real sex, depending on the type of toy that you use.

It boosts sexual performance

You can use sex toys to boost your sexual performance. This is because the toy can work as good practice such that you will be able to impress your partner when it comes to your bedroom affairs. They allow you to explore the various aspects of your sexuality in a safe environment, which will help boost your confidence in bed. Sex toys are also known to improve both stamina and libido to deal with issues of lethargy. All these will count for a lot when it comes to your sexual performance.

Improves relationships

couple making love to each otherAfter being with the same partner for a long time, the sexual relationship usually tends to fade. It gets to a time when intimacy starts feeling more like a chore. Using the right sex toys can go a long way to improve things. It will bring back the spark in the relationship and make intimacy something enjoyable again. The many different types of toys will give you a wide variety of options to try out and enjoy the relationship.

Improves mental health

Stress is among the most commonly experienced mental problems around the world. The high demands on any average person in current times contribute a lot to this factor. You can use sex toys to relieve the stress and improve your mental health. This works for depression and anxiety as well.

Helps prevent diseases

With proper hygiene, there are reduced chances of you getting any sexually transmitted disease. You get to enjoy the pleasure without any risks. For ladies, there is no possibility of getting pregnant with sex toys.